MinLand at UNECE Expert Group on Resource Management in Geneva

EuroGeoSurveys as the organization that produce geological data that is the base for future mineral land use and associated extraction of minerals lines up on what was underlined on this global event – Proper data-sets on minerals and other earth resources to support mineral land use planning and extraction.

More than 350 persons from all continents and from all sectors (decision makers, geological surveys, companies, authorities, universities, NGO’s, individual experts, etc.) were present and the number of participants was between 100-200 on every day. Materials are and will be available here: www.unece.org.

As a Bureau member of the UNECE EGRM, Dr. HORVÁTH Zoltán, Head of Department, Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary, thanks the team (Charlotte Griffiths, David MacDonald, Hari Tulsidas, others), for their cooperation and discussions on data harmonization by international standards (UNFC classification, CRIRSCO type reporting codes) and INSPIRE which was also on the table on EU-level.

UNECE EGRM is a global level network for sustainability from minerals and other earth resources (energy, non-energy, solid, fluid type, renewable’s, groundwater, etc.) and access to minerals and mineral safeguarding issues can be elements of the logical UNFC system (e.g. existence or lack of permissions, social-environmental and economic considerations, SLO on the “E” and “F”-axis from the three axis; “E”: economic social viability, “F”: feasibility, “G”: geological knowledge and potential).

Many Geological Surveys (EGS, BGR. LNEG, MBFSZ, SGU), other EU-projects (ORAMA, MINTELL4EU with other GeoERA programs) were represented there.

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