Minerals entering land use plans: Case studies from all around the Europe

By the end of the summer, 15 cases around Europe relative to minerals entering land use plans have been selected, described and analysed for aspects that represent good practices within the stream tackled by MinLand project.

Aspects that are addressed include evaluation of functionality of different policy and land use planning systems integrating mineral information, the values attributed and the measures adopted to safeguard mineral resources in national contexts, the transparency of the processes and societal aspects.

Cases that addressed specifically land use planning and policy making have been from Austria, Portugal, Greece, Norway and Ireland and they highlight also aspects of communication between authorities and of transparency. Cases that address sites, their development and their role in land planning, social acceptability/community engagement are from Finland, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Ireland.

There are cases that address open mining and underground mining stressing the fact that In some countries coexistence is possible between different land uses including mineral exploitation activities. There are cases that address different density areas and various commodities. The cases will be uploaded in the result page and they are matter of discussion within different workshops in Europe. They are under evaluation in the project activity to potentiate transferability of the good practice aspects.